Memorial service for Mr. Gu, Minglei.

Condolence letter for Mr. Gu, Minglei.

International Hydrocolloids Conference in May 2012 at Purdue University

2012 AACC International Annual Meeting

On Tuesday, October 2, 2012, eleven members and friends of NAJUA gathered at a Chinese restaurant during the event of AACC International Meeting in Hollywood, Florida. Among the participants, Ansui Xu (NAJUA BOD Chair) and Gary Hou (NAJUA BOD) were present.

NAJUA Annual Banquet in conjunction with IFT Symposium 2012

2012 NAJUA Annual Meeting Banquet Online Registration

For your convenience, you may pay both membership fee and dinner online. After the transaction is done, please print your invoice and bring it to our banquet.

Membership and Dinner
NAJUA Sponsorship

2012 NAJUA Western Region Proud to be Part of the 2012 Chinese New Year Festival in Colorado.

Please see event details here. From Jiancai Li.

2012 Canadian NAJUA's Chinese New Year Celebration party in Toronto on Jan. 15, 2012

There were about 36 alumni /friends and their families showed up in the Canadian NAJUA's Chinese New Year Celebration party in Toronto on Jan. 15, 2012. The venue was beautiful, cozy and convenient.With the red lanterns, Chinese music and variety of foods, it brought us joyous Chinese New Year celebrating mood. From Di Wang.

2011 AACC International Annual Meeting

Twelve (12) Jiangnan University alumni and friends led by Gary Hou gathered at a Chinese restaurant in Palm Springs, California on Oct 18, 2011. The group was attending the 2011 AACC International annual meeting.

2011 NAJUA Annual Banquet

Our annual banquet has been successfully hold on Sunday, June 12, 2011 in New Orleans, LA

Membership and Dinner

2011 Reunion of NAJUA in Great Toronto Area, Canada

2011 winter re-union of GTA (Great Toronto Area) alumni and friends in Mississauga

2010 summer re-union of GTA (Great Toronto Area) alumni and friends at alumni Guoying Xie's new plant - Prime Nutrisource Inc.

2011 NAJUA Kentucky Spring Festival Gathering

NAJUA members in Kentucky gathered at a local Chinese restaurant the past weekend (Feb 12) to celebrate the new year and socialize. They are: Jiang Jiang, Ben Liu, Jenney Liu, Jing Zhao, Chunqiang Li, Xin Zhang, and Youling Xiong. They exchanged news and ideas about the association and also talked about the NAJUA’s annual meeting in June at the IFT in New Orleans. All plan to attend. Everyone had a good time.